Kim Ferreira | Past Exhibits
Oil paintings by Kim Ferreira, featuring an array of anthropomorphic woodland critters against a backdrop nodding to french rococo landscapes.
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Bloom @ Lark & Key


I am very happy to be participating in another group show at Lark & Key celebrating the wonders of nature. I am obsessed with my garden and over the years have come to favor growing flowers over vegetables, due in part to having more success with the former, but mostly because I simply love flowers.

The show features new works by Katrina Berg, Elizabeth Davant, Kim Ferreira, Diane Hoeptner, Duy Huynh, Judy Klich, Eleanor Miller and Vicki Sawyer. Ceramics by Asta Bubliene, Kristin Keiffer and Jennifer Mecca. ‘Bloom’ opens June 1st at Lark & Key and runs thru July 31st.

All works from the show will be available to view + purchase online May 31st.


Lark & Key
700 East Blvd, Suite 1
Charlotte, NC

Animalia @ Nahcotta

I am so excited to be participating in a group show celebrating and representing the animal world, titled Animalia, at Nahcotta in Portsmouth.

“Honoring and depicting the animal world, this group show features the work of Dani Ives, Jamie Winn, Alex Warnick, Kelly Vivanco, Lily Seika Jones, Kim Ferreira, Lindsay Stripling, Drew Mosley, Alex Louisa, Michelle Morin, Diana Sudyka and Chris Austin.

Expect to encounter raccoons, roosters, bumblebees, deer, elk, hares, mallards, robins, sloths, lemurs, squirrels, brown bears, and more…some of them portrayed fantastically, others with whimsy and wit, still others with a meticulous precision and extraordinary beauty.”

The show will be on view from April 5 through April 28. The opening reception for Animalia is free and open to the public and will take place at Nahcotta on Friday, April 5, from 5-7 p.m.

110 Congress Street
Portsmouth, NH

Earth, Water, Sky @ Lark & Key


Earth, Water, Sky opens at Lark & Key Gallery on April 1st. I’m really enjoying the themes that the gallery has chosen for their exhibitions this year. My Joie de Vivre series began with the idea of celebrating things that bring me joy and most of the paintings took on the format of portraiture. One of my art goals this year has been to be more ambitious with my paintings, to take on more complicated compositions and create more narratives.  I will have three new paintings in this group show also featuring works by Janet Eskridge, Lesley Frenz, Duy Huynh, Carl Linstrum, Bridgette Guerzon Mills and Leigh Anna Newell. The show also includes ceramics by Julie Covington, Colleen Riley and Justin Rothshank. and runs through May 31st. All works will be available to view + purchase online beginning March 31st.

The Enormous Tiny Art Show #25

ETA #25 opens at Nahcotta on March 1st! I’ve been thinking a lot about the origin of my ‘Joie de Vivre’ series and the original inspiration.


“The Good China”, oil on panel, 10 by 8 inches, 2019


I was preparing for my first baby and in full nesting mode, creating a nursery – always an animal lover I naturally found myself gravitating toward woodland critter art, accessories and textiles. The fabric I used to make curtains featured a graphic repeating pattern of little animals having a party in the forest. This repeating pattern sparked something in me, and the party has finally come to fruition in my fantasy forest of Fontainebleau.

The Enormous Tiny Art Show #25 opens on March 1st. Works for the show will be available to view + purchase later in February prior to the opening. (I will provide a link in the not too distant future!)


110 Congress Street
Portsmouth, NH

Rabbit Rabbit @ Lark & Key

February 1st – March 31st

A celebration of new beginnings, featuring rabbit themed art and ceramics.



The exhibit will also include artwork from Katrina Berg, Diane Hoeptner, Duy Huynh, Carl Linstrum,Vicki Sawyer and Mary Alayne Thomas, as well as ceramics by Kristin Keiffer, Justin Rothshank, Luba Sharapan and Paula Smith.


Lark & Key
700 East Blvd, Suite 1
Charlotte NC 28203

Forward @ Nahcotta


I am delighted to be participating in a very special show at Nahcotta this December, FORWARD, conceived in the spirit of generosity, altruism, kindness, and doing good in the world, for those we may personally know as well as those we may never meet. It’s about paying it forward, realizing that small acts, when multiplied, have the power to change the universe. As Maya Angelou has said, “What you learn, teach. What you get, give.”



FORWARD includes the work from a grouping of 11 artists selected by the gallery – Emma Ashby, Jeremy Miranda, Kozy Kitchens, Ned Roche, Amanda Blake, Amy Brnger, Dani Ives, Alison May Kiphuth, Laura Berger, Alex Warnick and myself.

For this December’s FORWARD, Nahcotta will donate 25% of the sales of each artist’s work to the the non-profit of their own choosing. I have chosen to donate to the Wildlife Conservation Network.



The opening reception for this show is Friday, December 7, from 6-8 p.m. at Nahcotta, located at 110 Congress Street in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

The Enormous Tiny Art Show #24 @ Nahcotta

The Enormous Tiny Art Show #24 opens Friday, September 7th at Nahcotta in Portsmouth, NH. This is one of my favorite shows and I’m so happy to be a part of it once again! A year ago, I began my series ‘Joie de Vivre’ and exhibited those first six paintings in ETA #22. The positive enthusiasm for the work was overwhelming and I have gone on to make over 60 paintings featuring an array of anthropomorphic woodland critters against a backdrop nodding to french rococo landscapes.


For this ETA, I wanted to try something a little different, exotic and unfamiliar. Borrowing another french term, Dépaysant, this series is inspired by that feeling you have when you’re in a new place and experiencing very new things that make you feel foreign, out of sorts and strange (in a good way).



The first painting in this series was “Dépaysant: Ice Cream”. I saw a documentary recently about a giraffe who was given to Charles X by the Viceroy of Egypt in the 1800’s. The trip to Paris took 41 days – she was a spectacle in each town she passed through as the people of France had never seen such a creature. I can only imagine HER thoughts.



It’s exciting to combine my favorite woodland critters with a new cast of magnificent beasts, imagining the ways in which they’d interact if they happened upon each other in the forest of Fontainebleau.


ETA #24 opens Friday, September 7th with a reception from 5-8pm at Nahcotta in downtown Portsmouth, NH. All of the works from the show will be available to view + purchase online at I will be donating 20% of my portion of the sales from this show to the Wildlife Conservation Network.

Tomato Art Fest

I received an invite from Art & Invention Gallery in Nashville, TN to participate in their Tomato Art Show in conjunction with the annual Tomato Art Fest!




The Tomato Art Fest was founded in 2004, when Art & Invention Gallery hosted a late summer art show celebrating the tomato, and planned a few neighborhood events to promote the show. The Tomato Art Show proved so popular that it was immediately turned into an annual, signature event for the hip, urban neighborhood of East Nashville. The Tomato Art Show is one of the highlights of the festival, and with artwork ranging from the exquisite to the hilarious, there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy! Their motto is, “The Tomato…A Uniter, Not A Divider- Bringing Together Fruits & Vegetables”.



I created three new paintings for this show, in keeping with my Joie de Vivre Series, featuring the “love apple”. The Tomato Art Festival is August 10th & 11th and the Tomato Art Show is on view at Art & Invention Gallery thru the month of August.

Audio/Visual @ Nahcotta

AUDIO/VISUAL opens at Nahcotta on June 1st. Twenty-eight artists were asked to re-imagine the cover of one of their favorite (or most meaningful) albums. The inspiration for this painting was ‘Begin to Hope’ by Regina Spektor. I’ve loved her music ever since first hearing this album when it was released in 2006. I listened to it over and over and over again. ‘Samson’ remains one of my favorite songs – sad but so very beautiful,  I often sing it to my baby girl.



The Opening Reception for Audio/Visual is Friday, June 1st, 6pm-8pm


110 Congress Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801

The Enormous Tiny Art Show #23

I am delighted to be exhibiting again at Nahcotta in downtown Portsmouth for their (I can’t believe it) 23rd installment of this amazing show! Twice a year this show brings together an eclectic mix of work from artists near and far. I will be exhibiting 9 new works from my “Joie de Vivre” series –  inspired by simple pleasures and the exuberant enjoyment of life, what the French refer to as “joie de vivre”.



The show opens Friday, March 2nd with an opening reception from 5-8pm. All of the works from the show are available to view + purchase online prior to and during the show which runs thru March 31st.


Enormous Tiny Art Show #22

It’s been almost two years since I’ve sat at my easel. I had to put painting aside for a bit. Over the past two years I’ve been working full time in an elementary school and going to school full time in pursuit of a teaching certificate (which I received in June, yay!). I also had a baby girl in July and didn’t want to expose myself or her to the fumes.  It feels so good to paint again and the ideas have been flowing. I was delighted to be asked back to Nahcotta for their 22nd Enormous Tiny Art Show in September.


This series is inspired by simple pleasures and the exuberant enjoyment of life, what the French refer to as “ joie de vivre” (and also by my daughter’s nursery).



The show opens with a reception on Friday, September 1st, 5-8pm. All works from this show are available to view and purchase online at


110 Congress Street
Portsmouth, NH

Foolish Friends: The Gardener & The Bear

During the month of February, I will be exhibiting a group of larger works (and a few small bears) from my Gardener & the Bear series at the lovely White Heron Cafe in Portsmouth.


Foolish Friends: The Gardener and the Bear, oil and acrylic on panel, 24 by 24 inches, 2013.


The Gardener and the Bear is a Persian Fable. A lonely gardener finds friendship with a bear, however, his happiness comes to an end when the gardener falls asleep and a bee lands on him and in an effort to help the gardener the bear doesn’t know his own strength and … I’ll spare you the gory details. It warns against making foolish friends. I, however, love the idea of a gardener and a bear having a friendship, like when we young and innocent and believed that a bear, or a lion or a squirrel for that matter would be an excellent choice for a best friend.


Foolish Friends: Floating, oil and acrylic on panel, 18 by 18 inches, 2013.


My interest in patterns has lead me to an obsession with all things William Morris. I’ve used his patterns exclusively in my paintings for this series, setting the scene in an organized chaotic English garden.


Foolish Friends: Sleeping, oil and acrylic on panel, 18 by 18 inches, 2013.


I am excited to be able to exhibit works from this series together in such a bright and sunny setting. They specialize in organic tea — I’m loving their Capetown Sunset herbal tea at the moment;) The show runs thru February 28th. Cheers!