Kim Ferreira | Graceful Exit
Oil paintings by Kim Ferreira, featuring an array of anthropomorphic woodland critters against a backdrop nodding to french rococo landscapes.
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Graceful Exit


A lovely article by Chloe Kanner appeared in the week’s Wire. She writes about my decision to close the gallery and describes the new body of work for my upcoming show! I am so thankful to have this article to look back on and remember what the gallery meant to so many artists and people in my community.

“In classical mythology, the Three Graces are goddesses of human creativity, and have stood for and served as muses for many artists.

Three Graces Gallery in downtown Portsmouth has done much the same. It has forwarded the careers of all the talented artists that showed their work under its sign, an image of the goddesses immortalized by Italian painter Raphael.

While owner Kim Ferreira is understandably proud of how the gallery has promoted other artists for the past nine years, she has made personal sacrifices to do so, including putting her own artwork last.

For this and other reasons, Three Graces will close at the end of this year. Its last exhibit will be the first solo show of paintings by Ferreira, opening with a reception during Art ’Round Town on Friday, Dec. 7, from 5 to 8 p.m.”

Read the rest of the article here.