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Anthropomorphic animal art by Kim Ferreira
Koala Baking Cookies - Art Print

Koala Baking Cookies - Art Print

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"Dépaysant: Cookie Cutter" Limited Edition Print (Unframed)

This series was inspired by another French term describing that feeling you have when you’re in a new place and experiencing very new things that make you feel foreign, out of sorts and strange (in a good way). It was exciting to combine my favorite woodland animals with a new cast of magnificent beasts, imagining the ways in which they’d interact if they happened upon each other in the forest of Fontainebleau.

8" x 8" Image Size, 10" x 10" Paper Size

Customer Reviews

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Theresa Morris
Love this print

I ordered this lovely print for my best friend's daughter, who has been to Australia multiple times and adores Koala bears. The gentle expression on his/her face as she/he looks out at you is peaceful and heartwarming. Thank-you for this whimsical baker :)

Mary Feil Tyl
The print is absolutely gorgeous! The fir...

The print is absolutely gorgeous! The first print was lost in transit. The seller kept communicating with me until I rec'd the second print she shipped. Now that it a quality seller! HIGHLY RATED!!!!!

Psychkat07 Terry
My best friend is a baker and loves koalas...

My best friend is a baker and loves koalas! When I saw this piece, I knew she had to have it. It's perfect and came well packaged!