Abecedarian @ Lark & Key

Abecedarian @ Lark & Key

My solo show, 'Abecedarian', opens this coming Wednesday, October 7th at Lark & Key Gallery. The exhibition features 26 new paintings celebrating Joie de Vivre from A to Z.


"In the places I go there are things that I see that I never could spell if I stopped with the
I'm telling you this 'cause you're one of my friends. My alphabet starts where your alphabet ends!"

- Dr. Seuss - 

I've completed almost 300 paintings in my Joie de Vivre Series since it's beginning 3 years ago after the birth of my daughter. Many things have changed over time. Compositions have become more complicated, color palette is less-limited and brushes have gotten (a lot) smaller. And many things have stayed the same. A prevalence of woodland critters, idyllic settings, and things that bring me joy. I've returned time and time again to specific imagery: monarch butterflies, crescent moons and rainbows. They have become personal symbols of change, hope, a miracle. In these new paintings, in these strange times, I've dug a little deeper into the things that matter most in my life. The things I value. The things I am blessed to have had (and sometimes lost). The things I miss and long for.

All works for the exhibition will be available to view and purchase on the gallery website beginning on October 7th at 12:00 Noon (EST).


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