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My Story

A long time ago, in a little log cabin in the woods, there lived a hard-working single mom and a quiet little girl who wore her hair in braids every single day. From a young age, the little girl had a powerful imagination and a natural gift for drawing. Everyday she would follow a sun speckled path thru the trees to her grandparents' house. There she learned to bake, care for plants and build birdhouses. Years passed and the girl went to university to study art. New mediums challenged her. Exposure to artists from the past and present greatly inspired her. Criticism humbled her. After graduating, the girl needed a job and as a result of a peculiar chain of events she opened an art gallery. She put all of her energy into filling the small space with beauty, passion and curiosity. There were ups - She met amazing artists from near and far who inspired her not only thru their artwork but thru the ways in which they lived their lives. She met the man of her dreams and fell in love. And downs - she had little time for her own artwork, and anything else for that matter. The financial stress became more than she could bare. Ten years passed. It was time to begin a new chapter. She dreamed of having a family. Her dream turned into a nightmare and darkness filled her heart and soul as years went by with pain, suffering and losses. She did not paint during this time. And then a miracle happened, the girl and her husband were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. A rainbow. The light and beauty after a dark scary storm. They called her Iris, and her birth sparked something magical in the girl, now a woman in her forties. She expressed her joy thru her paintings. She became very disciplined and took advantage of every nap time to sit at her easel and work. Three years went by and the woman created over three hundred paintings celebrating the little things that make her heart sing.