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Crescent Moon Series

Twelve new paintings will become available in my online shop on Saturday, May 16th at 10am (EST). This new collection is a celebration of the moon, which for me, has come to represent beauty found in darkness. Specifically, the series focuses on the crescent moon, a comforting smile, a bright light, it can be relied upon to return again and again offering hope and cheer. The crescent moon series includes 10 new oil paintings ranging in size from 6x6 to 8x10.

The world is different. Like everyone else I am trying to adapt to this new way of life. While "staying home" has had its perks (husband doesn't have long commute, dinners together as a family, walks in the woods, lots of baking now that we finally found some flour) I find myself worrying about my business. I sell my work online and thru two wonderful galleries, however, the bulk of my income is made at arts fairs and all of them have been cancelled. So, in an effort to make up for this great loss, I have decided to create a few different collections that I will release on my website once a month. I will miss setting up my big white tent and fussing about with the merchandising. I will most definitely miss the people I've met over the past few years, kindred spirits who seem to "get" me and what I do. I leave every show feeling like I'm on the right path... I have high hopes that this pandemic will soon be over and things once taken for granted will be blissfully enjoyed once again. Until then, please stay safe and find joy for yourself as much as possible.